The Diplomat

February 23, 2011 • StockholmTravel

while at first i was a little disappointed swedish label gant chose to book me a room at the diplomat, and not at the super cool story hotel (which i’ve been itching to visit ever since i found out about it), it didn’t take me long to realise i was thinking like a spoiled brat. true, the diplomat is more old world and less new design, but it’s a truly elegant place with a peculiar kind of charm, a beautiful retreat – and a rockin’ view on the water.

location # super close to the water, within walking distance of, well, anything really, stockholm didn’t turn out to be that big. but in any case, the chic shopping neighborhood is right around the corner
design # old world. just take a look at that elevator! there’s really only one way to accurately describe everything – from the lobby to the rooms – and that’s ‘elegant’. i loved how on the first floor (i didn’t see the other floors) there was a library and living room situated in between a couple of rooms
bathroom # okay. but let’s talk about the complimentary use of the sauna! i booked the private sauna well in advance (and that turned out to be necessary) and had it completely to myself for all of an hour. there’s a sauna, a jacuzzi, some fitness equipment (but after a day of walking around in the city, i didn’t come anywhere near those) and fresh fruit. oh, and all the l’occitane product you need

connection # complimentary wifi throughout the hotel
atmosphere # very chic
  food # breakfast can be taken in the downstairs restaurant T bar, which was packed with fashionable folks at night – when it serves scandinavian specialties. breakfast was equally stocked with nordic goodies, from smoked salmon to locally famous cinnamon buns

value # not exactly cheap, but considering you get to use the retreat for free, and the sheets you sleep in are like a little piece of heaven, i think they’re not exaggerating.


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