over the years i’ve realized there’s nothing as efficient as dressing up your walls to make a room feel warm, cozy and personal. whenever there’s a corner that feels a little empty, my hands start itching to hang up a shelf, a poster, or… a peg rack. call it a trend, i don’t care, peg racks are a super easy and beautiful way to both create some extra storage options and actually decorate a room with your favorite belongings. it’s the ideal combination of form and function, so obviously i’m a big fan.

i’ve always tended to neglect the space next to eloise’s changing table, and it became the place where i pushed baskets of toys and laundry out of the way. needless to say, it always ended up messy and unappealing. and now that we’ve arrived in the final months of keeping the changing table around (i can’t wait to say goodbye to diapers and simultaneously it makes me so sad that this baby stage will forever be over), i wanted to make the corner as cozy as it could be. i browsed all of the CLOTHES PEGS at my favorite design shop until i finally decided on this COAT RACK from HAY.

i love how it is a sleek interpretation of a retro design classic, and i also appreciate how the pegs are not all neatly lined up but rather stacked at different heights. the higher pegs are really handy if you have long items to hang up (like our play mats from gathre), and the different heights are really fun to play around with for decorating. the pegs are quite large, so items with smaller loops attached are a bit harder to hang from it (it couldn’t hold our christmas stockings, which was what i first envisioned hanging there during the holiday season), but it also means you can balance cuddles or other items on top of them.

just like any other rack or shelf in our home, whatever ends up hanging from this rack changes a lot. it’s where i keep eloise’s cute backpacks (so handy to have a fixed spot for items like this, so we’re always able to find them whenever we need them), and it’s a good spot to keep our play mats. but sometimes i’ll put out some fancy dress that lingers in the back of their cupboards long forgotten, and without fail it’ll be the next item they want to play with. out of sight is out of mind, but it also works the other way around, i’ve found! and finally it’s a good solution to keep eloise’s wet bath towel when i change her into clean pajamas after bath time. once it’s dry (and it dries much more easily in a warm bedroom than a damp bathroom) i simply transfer it back to the bathroom.

and now i’m curious, do you have a peg rack in your home? what do you use it for? if you feel intrigued but would like a bit more inspiration, there’s tons of really nice hashtags you can check out on instagram. my favorite is #PEGRACKTUESDAY!

post in collaboration with MISTERDESIGN • thank you for supporting the partners of this blog • hay coat rack designed by SHANE SCHNECK

if there is any lifestyle or home decor hack that i think applies to anyone, anywhere, it would be pretty DESIGN STORAGE. it’s incredible how much a person accumulates throughout life, and not being able to give everything a place just leads to stuff spilling everywhere, all the time. and i don’t know about you, but a messy home makes me feel anxious. i’m not marie kondo, but a tidy home does wonders for my state of mind. now make that storage functional AND beautiful, and i’m happy as a kid in a candy store.

i should start by saying i don’t throw things away easily. one reason is that i usually consume quite consciously. i weigh my options and i choose carefully and deliberately, so i don’t get tired of what i buy quickly. another reason is that i become (almost) unhealthily attached to objects. don’t get me wrong – i won’t hesitate to sacrifice everything i own to save my family from a fire. but let’s just say if no one else is home, you can bet your ass i’ll try everything i can to save some of my favorite keepsakes.

so yeah, we hang on to a lot of stuff. the kids have a large collection of books (and so do in even though most is in storage in belgium), we have a bizarre amount of blankets and stuffed toys seem to multiply overnight. those are all things i like to keep close. especially when used in combination – they’re the essence of cozy family life in my opinion. but i don’t like cupboards that are so full you’re afraid to open its doors, and though i like to keep things tidy, i also believe ‘out of sight is out of mind’, and that doesn’t exactly lead to more enjoyment of your things.

so, baskets it is. they’re literally everywhere – in different shapes, sizes and colors, but nearly always stackable, easy to pick up, move around and store in little corners, but also always, always, always pretty enough to be left out in the open. the RESTORE BASKET by MUUTO was perhaps one of the first pretty baskets that i ever bought when it first came out in 2009, and at more than a decade old, my first one is still in mint perfect condition.

that’s why i decided to add another color to our home. the sand color is a perfect match for our living room, but it also goes really well in the girls’ room (of which you’re getting a little sneak peek), so i’m not sure yet where it will end up eventually. all i know for sure is that we have one less pile of our beloved belongings that doesn’t have a place to go at the end of the day. also, those foldable crates next to the muuto basket under juliet’s bed are from HAY.

post in collaboration with MISTERDESIGN • thank you for supporting the partners of this blog • muuto restore basket designed by MIKA TOLVANEN


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