A Love Letter To Vipp

January 29, 2023 • Design

there are lots of design brands out there that have really interesting stories to tell, but to kick-start this new feature on the blog i would be hard-pressed to find a better example than VIPP. the danish label is still most easily identified by the iconic pedal bin its founder holger nielsen designed back in 1939. the model still exists today and has often been copied but never emulated. a design that has lasted this long is a good start, but on its own it wouldn’t make for a very compelling story. there are plenty of labels and editors out there that have brought timeless designs to market at one point, but today struggle to remain relevant. that is not the case for VIPP, which has been ushered into a new era of its existence ever since nielsen’s grandchildren took charge of his legacy.
full disclosure – about a decade ago i was invited by VIPP to join a workshop for interior design influencers in their copenhagen showroom. that is when i first realized this brand is different from most. i distinctly remember meeting granddaughter sofie kristensen egelund, who excitedly told us about the ambitious ideas and plans the new generation had for their family business. lots of the things she explained to us back then have come to fruition in the past ten years. the brand has expanded its collection – which up until that point consisted mostly out of design accessories for the home – to include lighting, furniture and no less than two full-blown kitchens, including faucet designs. in my humble opinion, they succeeded so beautifully in evolving the brand’s original utilitarian and sleek visual identity into a slightly more organic and strikingly classy design language.
even more interestingly, VIPP has also opened multiple ‘one-room-hotels’ in special locations around the world, doing double duty as high-end destinations for discerning travelers, and ‘live-in’ showrooms to experience their furniture and kitchen lines up close – a smart way to lower the threshold for people contemplating investing in any of the brand’s designs for their own home. i don’t know if i’ll ever be lucky enough to belong to that group of people (i don’t need much convincing the V2 kitchen is the stuff dreams are made of), but that won’t hold me back from setting some more attainable VIPP goals for my future home. i’ve listed my favorites below, but you can discover plenty more RIGHT HERE.


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Work From Home In Style

March 19, 2021 • DesignHome Decor

we’re halfway into march and it’s been a while since i showed up here. life during this pandemic is certainly challenging in any season, but winter has been particularly tough. spring is doing its best to give us a little sneak peeks of what’s to come though, and that’s giving me the boost of energy i needed to get my ass off the couch and hit pause on the non-stop netflix binge i seem to have been on since mid december.

one thing that is not bound to change any time soon, is the fact that most of us are working from home a lot more often than we used to. i can’t say that’s a bad evolution for me – i’ve been working from home my entire career so far, so i’m used to it. but i can tell that it’s more difficult on people who thrived in an office environment, surrounded by their colleagues and enjoying the ease and efficiency of a company’s infrastructure. i can’t change that you miss your colleagues (zoom is just not the same, i totally get it!) but what i learned early on, is that working from home – your productivity and sense of happiness depends largely on your set-up. that’s why i wanted to share some inspiration today to help you design a beautiful and efficient place (whether you have an entire room or just a corner at your disposal) to get your work done, without sacrificing your home decor or style.

i’ve been pretty happy with my own set-up – i invested in a beautiful keyboard and extra large screen because well designed electronics are the way to my heart. then i added a beautiful table lamp to create a cozy atmosphere (there are plenty gorgeous desk lamps that have the same effect), and some pretty accessories to dress up an otherwise rather uninspiring white table. if i were to change anything, i would first invest in a beautiful design desk chair, and then in a large desk.

my home office takes up a pretty large corner of our living room, which is why it is so important to me that everything looks as beautiful as it is practical. i think most of us thrown into wfh because of the pandemic are in similar sitations, having to create a corner from which to work that is not completely separated from the rest of the home. i browsed mister design’s large collection of items to create your own home work space, and i’ve gathered some of my favorites in two themes.

the first is old school chic – focusing on classic or almost vintage-looking designs that still look modern rather than retro. the second collection gives a cozy twist to thepopular industrial look. i opted for neutral colors and materials in both, because that’s what i would love for my interior, but such a subtle color palette can also make a work space feel a lot less intrusive. especially if you don’t succeed in keeping it tidy 100% of the time (who does??), then it’s nice to not have too many color contrasts also vying for your attention. after all, at the end of the day, you can’t get into your car and drive away from your work place – so it’s important that it’s not a constant source of agitation or stress.

1 // this fritz hansen series 7 desk chair is so pretty, it wouldn’t look out of place as an extra dining chair when you have a dinner guest.
2 // the gubi gräshoppa is an iconic design from the forties that looks just as beautiful (and studious) today.
3 // if you don’t have a lot of space for a home desk, this ferm living sector wall desk is a really nice solution. i love how it can be combined with the sector shelves so you can also use the unit to display your favorite books and objects.
4 // definitely the most aspirational piece in this collection, but the vitra soft pad chair is a classic that will never go out of style, so i like to think of it as more of an investment than simply a practical purchase.
5 // i love this ferm living scenery pinboard – it’s perfect to bring some of your favorite pinterest board to life as a tactile source of inspiration.
6 // the design of tom dixon’s slab individual bureau is inspired by victorian times. it definitely has that old-school vibe, but is just modern enough to seamlessly fit into your living room or bedroom corner.
7 // delightfully retro and oh-so-practical, the vitra hexagonal containers will keep your bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils (name that movie!) close at hand.
8 // i am still so into messing it’s not even funny. this &tradition bellevue lamp designed by arne jacobsen is just pure beauty.

1 // the only problem i have with the hay aac 153 desk chair is that it looks almost too cozy and comfortable to get any work done sitting in it.
2 // we have two of these artemide tolomeo micro lamps in our home and they have been used for a variety of purposes. if you ever quit working from home, it can still be used as a beautiful night or reading lamp.
3 // the fjordfiesta alto desk is such a light and airy design – it won’t take away from the design of the rest of the room. so if you’re not able to have a separate home office, this desk is perfect to add to any other corner in the house.
4 // available in a multitude of colors on either a black or a chrome frame, you’re bound to find a version of the hay aac 53 that will fit perfectly with your interior decor.
5 // there are so many possibilities with string furniture, you can either go for a small and unintrusive working space or transform an entire room in a beautiful and functional home office. i also love the incredibly wide range of color options!
6 // does your work take over every possible surface in the house? then extra storage is always a good idea, and especially if it looks as good as the moebe storage box. at the end of the working day, you just swipe all of your paperwork in there.
7 // admittedly, i’d include this ferm living grib toolbox no matter what the theme of the blog post would have been, because it is just that pretty. but it could be ideal storage in a home office, too – right?
8 // and i may or may not be in love with the design of the anglepoise type 75 mini desk lamp because it reminds me of that cute pixar lamp so much, but does it really matter? just think how beautiful it would look on your desk.

post in collaboration with MISTERDESIGN • thank you for supporting the partners of this blog


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