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you know what they say about parents spending all their money on the kids while they’re still wearing the same clothes from a decade ago? it doesn’t only apply to fashion – i recently realized we have bought a grand total of four beds for our kids’ designer bedroom since the oldest was born eight years ago, and we’re still sleeping in the cheap double bed we bought when we first moved in together over a dozen years ago. our children’s rooms are about ten times as beautiful and comfortable as the parental bedroom, which, i admit, sounds sadder than it is. in all honesty, i’m just happy whenever they both sleep through the night and allow us to get a good rest.

that said, i feel like the first thing i’d like to upgrade if we ever move into a new place, is our bed. i already love spending time in there so much – imagine how much better it would be if it was actually a pretty (and more comfortable) place? i already have my eye on a couple of beautiful DESIGNER BEDS, by some of my favorite brands. the austere and interesting designs of ethnicraft’s SPINDLE BED and hay’s TAMOTO BED make my heart beat faster, but i have to admit mdf italia’s YALE BED (pictured above) looks so cozy i can just see myself propped up against the cushy headboard with a book every night.
and if i’m allowed to dream a little, i’d like for every room with a bed in our home to be a DESIGNER BEDROOM. having moved abroad from where most of our friends and family live, a guest bedroom can feel more like a necessity than a luxury. right now we don’t have enough space for it, but i’d love to one day be able to have people over again. in part because i love having our tribe closer, but also because i just really enjoy pretending to run my own hotel.

realistically speaking, the chances of us one day moving into a house that will have enough room to dedicate one solely to guests, are slim. luckily, there are so many great beds out there that you can transform from sofa – in an office or playroom, for example – to a bed. and i’m not talking the squeaky, uncomfortable kind we all remember fondly (ahem) from our dorms or first rentals. these beds are genuinely gorgeous. just take a look at the GUEST BED by zeitraum in the polaroids above – that one is my absolute favorite. i’d actually consider it as a reading sofa in one of the girls’ rooms, with the added bonus of having comfortable beds for their sleepovers. you know what? i bet those lucky friends will have sleepovers on designer beds sooner than we’ll sleep in our own. damn it, parenthood.

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The Luceplan Effect

February 27, 2023 • DesignHome Decor

when i moved into my first apartment with my then-boyfriend (now-husband), neither of us brought any furniture from home. because our parents were kind enough to let us live with them until well after we graduated and got jobs, we were able to save enough money to invest in all new things for our first shared home. our family helped us build a wardrobe in our bedroom and a library in our living room, things i still miss to this day. we decided that with the rest of our budget, we’d keep everything as basic as possible – which meant lots of ikea. but there was one thing we immediately agreed on as worth a larger investment, and that was DESIGNER LIGHTING.

my husband was raised to appreciate timeless and iconic design, and i was raised to know there’s nothing that can make or break the atmosphere in a room like lighting (if you follow me on instagram, you might remember the meme i shared there – i stand by that). the combination of those qualities made us splurge on several big ticket items all over our apartment – from my home office to our night stands, and from the lighting over the dining room table to several floor and table lamps further adding coziness to our living room. we researched a lot of brands and looked into the history of several designs, because we wanted to make sure that we picked out lamps that didn’t just aesthetically appeal to us in the moment, but would be timeless and able to move through life with us. we went back and forth on lots of different possibilities, but we never hesitated about including LUCEPLAN.
the costanza spoke to us immediately because its shape strikes such a wonderful balance between sleek, modern design and the ‘core idea’ of what a lamp should look like. the design fits into warm, cozy interiors as well as it does in a modern, more functional space, which is why you see it pop up in restaurants and hotels as often as in office environments or museums. we settled on a COSTANZA FLOOR LAMP and a smaller COSTANZA TABLE LAMP, both of which created a beautiful contrast to the original hardwood floors and high ceilings with ornate moulding, while they were still classic enough to feel natural in that environment.

fast forward 12 years and both lamps are still part of my favorite features in our current living space. while our style has evolved and we’ve gone on to add other lamps in styles that are different from luceplan, that has not detracted from the beauty and atmosphere these lamps add to our daily life. i especially love the dimmer on the floor lamp, which has no less than four different modes, making sure the light is never too bright (our girls also love turning them on and off by using the sensorial rod). while we have the versions in the original aluminum with white lamp shades, the lamps now also exists in messing and with lamp shades in a variety of colors. there are also different iterations of the iconic design that can serve as overhead lighting, discrete night light or reading lamp on the wall. i honestly don’t think i’ll ever get tired of the constanza family and i don’t rule out ever adding another lamp if we ever move.

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