Taste Of Switzerland

June 10, 2014 • Food and DrinkGenevaTravel

i was just about to give up on geneva, really. don’t get me wrong – i love living here and i love my little belgian family here, but i was so sure i’d never experience anything remotely cool in this town. until last week that is, when SWISS invited me to discover their new taste of switzerland summer menu. it was created by michelin star chef dominique gauthier of le chat-botté, the restaurant at hotel BEAU-RIVAGE. that hotel has been a landmark of luxury for almost 150 years, so i knew i was in for an exceptional evening. but still i didn’t expect to be completely blown away ànd fall in love with this city in an entirely new and exciting way.

you see, not only were we treated to a delicious four-course menu, inspired by the one served to passengers traveling swiss in business or first class, but we were whisked away for an intimate get-together on the roof of one of geneva’s oldest and grandest hotels. no event had ever been thrown there before – so the crew of the hotel pulled some magic tricks out of their sleeves to make it a cozy (and safe!) place for the evening. and let me tell you – magic is exactly what they achieved. the view from up there was amazing (do you see the top of the mont blanc bathed in the pink light of the sunset? do ya?) and tasting the food in the brisk spring night air was just perfect.

afterwards we drove up to the airport where we witnessed the swiss maintenance crew check up on two planes (an airbus and an avro, for those fellow aviation geeks out there) and where we had dessert inside one of the planes. we took a peek inside the cockpit, and we caught a glimpse of a few nice little jets sitting outside the hangar, waiting for a new day and a new destination to announce themselves.

you take a girl out for great food, breathtaking views and magical travel dreams, and the deal is pretty much done. swiss, if you were a guy, my husband would have every reason to be jealous.

photos by stephanie duval

Postcards From Geneva

February 27, 2014 • GenevaStyle

the weather in geneva last weekend was absolutely perfect. not too warm, not too cold, and with just the right dose of sunshine to get me out of these winter blues and in the mood for a leisurely sunday stroll, vanilla spice latte in hand. we walked around the river side bridges in the city center and gazed at the jet d’eau. it’s true geneva can feel like a super quiet little town, but moments like these sure make up for the lack of excitement.

another thing i love about this weather? it’s perfect for layering. i don’t know if i have told you this before, but i am majorly into layering. like, seriously, passionately, even zealously into layering. the only thing i love more than layers, is stretchy pants. i discovered this pair from theory at francis ferent, and it was love at first fit. if you look closely at the last picture, you’ll see they have a little zip in the front, but that’s all just for show. these pants do not have functional zippers, buttons or whatnot – they have an elastic waistband and that’s it. i don’t have to tell you that they’re supremely comfortable, right? strictly speaking, they are leggings, but i wouldn’t call them that. their material is sturdy and pants-like so they are perfect to wear to business-y meetings, and i would never wear regular leggings for that. these pants are by far the most popular item in my wardrobe right now.

that cashmere sweater is a close second though. i’d never have picked that color for myself, but ever since j.brand handed me this gift, i started reconsidering beige and cream colors for my wardrobe. i even dug up this old poncho i’ve had for god knows how many years. i love how cosy and warm it is, and i’ve always liked how flattering the dark tan color could be, even when i’m white as a ghost. so maybe i should give this color palette another try?

wearing // theory pants from francis ferent // lilas poncho // j.brand sweater // gap tee // chanel boots // ray-ban wayfarers // filippa k purse

photos by matthias rabaey


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