Ibiza Love

August 9, 2016 • IbizaTravel

last ibiza spam post for a while now, i promise! but i simply had to share this last bunch of photos taken in and around ibiza town, which we explored last year in october, when our littles were still very, very little. i know ibiza is probably at the height of its popularity right now, but i don’t really care if it’s not hip or cool to go there anymore. besides the aesthetic pleasure of driving around the beautiful island, falling in love with the desaturated colors of nature and bright whites of the houses, i can’t think of another place that has the same happy energy hanging in the air.

countdown to our next stay starting… now.


Our Favorite Ibiza Towns

August 3, 2016 • IbizaTravel

we’re visiting friends and family in belgium right now, and the drab weather here is making me long for sunny days on ibiza even more… i promise i will stop spamming you with the ibiza pics soon (i’ve only got one more post after this one), but to inspire those planning to travel there soon, i wanted to share some of our favorite hangouts.

we love to stay in the vicinity of santa eulalia – a large but rather quiet and calm town to the east of the island. it attracts a lot of retired people and young families who like to enjoy ibiza’s pretty nature and good food, without the party scene. we recently also attended a wedding there, at SES SAVINES, a place i’d recommend for its beautiful vistas and decor. we also love strolling around the marina early in the morning, sitting down for an espresso while taking in the stunning reflections in the water of the rising sun.

my favorite little town on the entire island has to be santa gertrudis, which is basically four or five streets surrounding a central plaza. it has a couple of nice little bars and restaurants, and one of my favorite boutiques on the island, es cucons la tienda. i first came here on my bachelorette weekend and bought my friends matching bracelets there, but they also have really nice stuff for kids, so i keep going back there.

speaking of shopping – if you’re on ibiza, you should definitely stop by the flagship store of SAL DE IBIZA and pick up some pretty turquoise colored salt shakers. i also recommend the much-hyped and way overpriced department store SLUIZ, because it has a really cool bar where you can enjoy a beer or cocktail after a short round of shopping for souvenirs.



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