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November 29, 2012 • CaliforniaFood and DrinkSan FranciscoTravel

i love spur of the moment decisions while traveling, and i love visiting out-of-the-ordinary foodie locations. so when we walked past the tcho headquarters in san francisco and noticed you could take a tour of the factory, we decided to sign up. we also did this at mast brothers in brooklyn and keenly remembered the excessive amount of chocolate we got to taste in the name of research – so we figured we were in for a treat. i had already heard of tcho because of its cool packaging, but had never tasted it before, so it was fun to get acquainted with the brand this way. they have an interesting view on chocolate: none of their flavors have any additives – it all comes from the beans and roasts. i enjoyed the tour and would recommend it, but i remain a mast brothers girl at heart.

photos by stephanie duval

San Francisco Moma

November 19, 2012 • CaliforniaSan FranciscoTravel

i love museums for modern art. apart from the – obviously – great art, they are usually housed in fantastic architecture, go hand in hand with great design and they have the best ever gift shops. the moma in san francisco wowed me with its collection – especially the huge mural by one of my favorite artists parra – but it is the supercool building and rooftop terrace that makes it such a truly unique location in my opinion. and of course it helps to have a blue bottle coffee bar, too.


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