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Summer In Megève

August 26, 2015 • The AlpsTravelWellness

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we didn’t plan ahead for this year’s summer holiday, as we didn’t really know what to expect from traveling with a little one in tow. so when megève invited us to come discover what it has to offer in summer time, we didn’t hesitate one second. it’s a one hour drive from where we live, and i’ve already told you about our love for the stylish little mountain village (HERE, HERE and HERE, for example). i also thought it was fitting that the place where we went babymooning just the two of us for the last time, would also be the first place we ever traveled to as a family of three.

the M DE MEGEVE generously offered to put us up in their fabulous deluxe suite to celebrate the occasion, and it was heaven. the suite has two floors – one with a spacious living room, one with a king size bed, two bathrooms and two large terraces. need i say more? the hotel provided a baby cot so we could have juliet take her little naps downstairs, while we enjoyed an aperitif on our upstairs terrace – it was pretty perfect. in the afternoon we took juliet for her very first swim in the hotel spa’s swimming pool, after which she went out like a light for the night and we could have a romantic dinner in the restaurant downstairs (with the baby monitor on the table, naturally).

during the weekend we took advantage of the beautiful weather to take juliet out for long walks in megève and rediscover all of our favorite places. megève looks entirely different in summer – we were especially surprised to see so many people having drinks or lunch on cozy outdoor terraces. almost all of the shops and restaurants were open, and the overall mood in the little town was happy and relaxed. if you plan on going there in summer, do check their ONLINE CALENDAR, as they always have something or other going on. we just missed their design event, so that’s a reason for us to return next year.

or you could, of course, always go to enjoy one of the many, many wonderful spas in town. i was invited by the hotel FER A CHEVAL to discover their newest carita facial treatment, the cinetic lift expert – a very technical treatment that is perhaps a tad less relaxing, but definitely does wonders. i’ve never actually seen this much of an effect after any treatment, ever. the spa also has a very nice outdoor swimming pool with tanning beds and heated indoor swimming pool, which i would have loved to take more advantage of. maybe next time i’ll return with little juliet, as the spa also offers special treatments for little ones. i can’t wait to enjoy our first mother-daughter massage!

i’m wearing a black and white spotted dress by ESSENTIEL, grey jersey dress by & OTHER STORIES and TOD’S gommino loafers. my purse is a PROENZA SCHOULER and the diaper bag is by JOSEFINA. matthias loves his VILEBREQUIN swim shorts and i am very happy with that IODUS bathing suit. little juliet wears a TOCOTO VINTAGE bonnet and GRO sweater and leggings. the stroller is the BUGABOO CAMELEON with the BREEZY SUN CANOPY. photos by stephanie duval and matthias rabaey.

M De Megève

March 6, 2015 • The AlpsTravelWellness

Alpine charm meets modern design at M de Megève Alpine charm meets modern design at M de Megève Alpine charm meets modern design at M de Megève Alpine charm meets modern design at M de Megève Alpine charm meets modern design at M de Megève Alpine charm meets modern design at M de Megève Alpine charm meets modern design at M de Megève Alpine charm meets modern design at M de Megève Alpine charm meets modern design at M de Megève

my 30th birthday this week was a quiet and cozy affair – not quite the ‘dirty thirty’ bash i had always imagined, but to be honest i have other things on my mind than the arbitrary numbers that are supposed to indicate your phase in life. (nope, not bitter about leaving my twenties behind me at all). in any case – if i could have one birthday wish, it would like to go BACK TO MEGEVE and spend a weekend at this gorgeous hotel.

M DE MEGEVE was renovated last year and turned into the most beautiful hotel in the area, in my humble opinion. it manages to be charming and rustic and modern and sleek all at the same time – no small feat. i especially love the rooms in the new part of the building, which has one suite in particular that made me go like whoa. i would be perfectly content to just spend 48 hours inside of that room, in front of that fire, cuddled up in that bed.

but then i would miss out on the CINQ MONDES spa downstairs, and i wouldn’t want that. i personally believe the cinq mondes spas are among the best in the world, and the delightful pregnancy massage i had here did not prove me wrong. we also went for a little swim in the dimly lit indoor pool – so relaxing, i get tingly all over whenever i think about it. after the spa we were treated to an amazing dinner at LE SOMMET DU M restaurant, which blew our minds in the best possible way. good design, the ultimate state of zen and great food – that’s not too much to ask for, right?

m de megève, if you could just adopt me and give me a permanent roof over my head, i would be the happiest thirty-year-old in all of the land.

photos by stephanie duval


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