Sukkha Amsterdam

March 8, 2015 • AmsterdamHome DecorTravel

on our last trip to amsterdam, we stopped by the bugaboo store to PICK UP OUR NEW STROLLER, but we also made time for one other visit. ever since i’d seen pictures of SUKKHA appear on social media and blogs, i knew i had to go there some time, but somehow i never did. until i was pregnant and getting in serious nesting mode, and all of a sudden i couldn’t wait one more minute before discovering the beautiful interior decorating and fashion store in amsterdam.

those wooden bead garlands! those larger-than-thou wool pillows! that hat! a greediness came over me the moment i stepped through the door, though it was so overwhelming i did what i usually do in a situation like that – buy nothing. if i can’t choose, i don’t. so of course now i really regret not getting these BALA BEADS or these TARA FLAGS but it’ll just have to be a reason to return sooner rather than later (and i just realized there’s nothing standing in the way of me and their web shop!)

read about our visit to the bugaboo flagship store HERE, and find out more about my other favorite spots in amsterdam HERE. photos by stephanie duval

Visiting Bugaboo In Amsterdam

February 24, 2015 • AmsterdamKidsTravel

there was never any doubt in my mind as to what would become our stroller when we would start having babies. it was always going to be a BUGABOO. somehow, these strollers managed to make parenthood look cool, not boring. i’ve always loved how the brand mixes a certain kind of fashion sense with functionality. i mean, have you seen their special collabs with andy warhol, viktor&rolf, and more recently WITH DIESEL? add to that a strong focus on mobility – a.k.a. easy to travel with – and it just seemed like a match made in heaven.

then i started paying attention to what the dutch label was doing on social media and in the blogosphere, and my admiration grew even bigger. i noticed all those cool mommy bloggers from the states strutting their beautiful bugaboos on the streets of los angeles or new york, and i got curious enough to want to learn more. i got in touch with the headquarters in amsterdam and interviewed someone in the marketing department about their way of dealing with bloggers, the results of which are in my book HOW BLOGS WORK. i still really admire the company’s approach – to go for that genuine click and strive for organic relationships, instead of blowing big budgets on even bigger marketing stunts. eventually, one thing led to another, and now i have to pinch myself to believe that i am myself a bugaboo ambassador now, sharing my love for the brand and its products with you.

the story begins in amsterdam, where bugaboo’s headquarters are based and their very first flagship boutique (in the meantime they’ve opened up a second flagship in capital of cool berlin). it was funny to go back there to pick and choose our own stroller. it seems like just yesterday that my husband and i would stop by here during OUR TRIPS TO AMSTERDAM and sneakily try to get the store attendants to divulge what the next special editions were going to look like. suddenly we had to decide, and in the end we opted for the BUGABOO CAMELEON in an all-black version. for me, it is the most iconic of the company’s designs, and the all-black version makes it such a sleek design object.

once we picked the color and i went crazy shopping for additional accessories – the woolmark for bugaboo collection is insanely beautiful! – the husband was more interested in finding out just how practical this thing really is. we were demonstrated how easily the stroller is taken apart and folded into just a third of its former size, so that it can fit in the trunk of your car, or the traveler bag. we’ve already used that bag to transport the stroller to switzerland. you can check in the bag as luggage and though it is still fairly big (bigger than the BUGABOO BEE, for sure), it’s still really practical thanks to the wheels underneath the bag.

this summer we plan on keeping things very casual and easy, but i just know i’ll be itching to start city tripping again come fall. and i can’t wait to have our little one lie or sit in this beautiful black stroller and discover the world with us.

photos by matthias rabaey


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